Our company is your best source for value-driven, superior quality  professional services. 

Diamond Global is a premier residential and commercial cleaning company that provides its Michigan clientele with complete convenience, respect, value and unmatched quality from its cleaning services. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond what other cleaning services offer to provide you with in there cleaning services, by using our trademarked Continuous Improvement Assurance Program.® 

Diamond Global is dedicated to working with its clients to customize a cleaning service to suit there individual needs and budget. You can count on Diamond Global for the healthiest most thorough superior house cleaning available.

We are ran as a professional organization and from our trained field crew all the way up to the CEO. Our number one goal is your complete  satisfaction.
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"Your sevices never siece to amaze me or my clients. I get so many compliments on my office now. Thank you very much!"

                     - Micheal James Cunningham 
Continuous Improvement Assurance Program® 
Diamond Global uses its own proven superior system of labor management called the Continuous Improvement Assurance Program which not only prevents any deterioration in our quality or services but rather excels our quality and services.

Once our service technicians reach the clients establishment they will begin to utilize there expertise and thoroughly begin to clean, and the field technician supervisor will document there progress initialing each area of the services to be completed as per terms and agreement of services onto a services to be completed document.

Throughout the service each field technician will survey any areas that they believe they are capable of servicing immediately and will add the item/items to the list of services. They will then service the area free of charge. If the service technician believes he/she is incapable of servicing the item/items at the present time he/she will document such item/items in the area titled: areas of possible concern on the services to be completed document.

Once all services are completed the field technician supervisor will inspect all areas again and only when all areas to be cleaned are done so impeccably will the field supervisor sign , date and leave the services to be completed document after every service visit on the kitchen counter top, nearest table or designated area.

The field supervisor will also leave a 100% satisfied/unsatisfied client document. To better assure our staff is serving you with 100% satisfaction, and to better assist us in our goal as to continuously improve our services for you. We ask our clients to review the areas serviced and check weather 100% satisfied or unsatisfied. If any areas are unsatisfactory a client may simply call our office within 24 hrs. and we will immediately send a field technician supervisor to the establishment at no cost to service the item/area until the client is 100% satisfied.

Another section on the 100% satisfied/unsatisfied client document entails a section for our clients titled: next service extras. Here our clients which receive a regular scheduled complete cleaning may add one other extra basic item/area within reason to be addressed free of charge on the next service date and every service date following. Once the request is declared reasonable the item/area will be serviced on the following visit immediately.

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The final section on the 100% satisfied/unsatisfied client document is for any of the areas of concern documented by the service technicians or any other concern that the client wishes to be quoted for and/or implemented into the service plan.

After the 2nd service and every service after the field supervisor will pick up the 100% satisfied/unsatisfied client document and return it to there immediate supervisor at which time it will be assessed, recorded and forwarded to our highest level of supervision.

We at Diamond Global understand the importance of being discrete there for there are three boxes on the 100% satisfied/unsatisfied client document where on any given service day our clients may check any or all areas he/she wishes to vouch out from.